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Business Value

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

In the age of information and rising global interconnectivity, are you harnessing your most valuable assets to drive growth?  We see things from both sides - closing the gap between old school and new dimensions. . . unlocking your value with

Company Lifecycle Management


Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

One of the most powerful methods for extracting the core value embedded in information: knowledge in context.  To tap this vein, leading companies create a rich relationship with ISBA to draw upon across the organization  . . .  a significant differentiating factor in their success.


Financial Authority

Competitive Intelligence

Financial Authority

The world of rules and regulations can be fast-paced and scary - why ISBA's goal is to provide an experience that is tailored to your company's needs. No matter the budget, we pride ourselfves on providing professional customer service. . . enabling your power over innovation and growth. 



Valuations. Transactions. Opinions.

Valuations. Transactions. Opinions.

Valuations. Transactions. Opinions.

* Business Valuation - IP & Complex Securities

* Decision Analysis including Quality of Earnings

• Modeling and Forecasting

• Exit & Succession Planning

• Strategic Growth – Map & Gap Analysis 

• Financial Opinions

• Impairment Testing

• Strategic Value Consulting

• Transaction Advisory Services

• Financial Advisory (e.g. capital raise support)

• Buy-side, Sell-side Due Diligence

• Mergers and Acquisitions

• Readiness and Integration


Accounting. Tax. Operations.

Valuations. Transactions. Opinions.

Valuations. Transactions. Opinions.

• Technical Accounting & Specialty Projects

• Newly Released Revenue Recognition

• IPO Readiness and Roadmap

• §404 and §606 Consulting

• Regulatory Compliance (Grant Audits)

• Forensic Accounting and Internal Controls

• Financial information – anywhere - anytime

• Planning, Compliance, Outsourcing/Co-sourcing

- Global, State and Local

• Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence

• Provision Consulting & Outsourcing

• Global IP Alignment and Optimization

• Accounting for Income Taxes



Valuations. Transactions. Opinions.


 • Board and Leadership Consulting

• Operations Intelligence & Effectiveness

• Communications & Change Management

* Human Resource - consulting and litigation

• Merger Integration & Project Management 

* Manufacturing, Procurement & Operations

• Customer Experience Effectiveness

• Data Mapping and Harmonization

• Technology Consulting

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